Ghostly Mentor


Ephemeral Traits: Rank 2, Essence 12, Power 4, Finesse 2, Resistance 5
Ban: May only manifest in mirrors
Bane: Ofuda prayer scrolls
Conditions: Anchor (Mirror), Reaching
Numina: Emotional Aura, Implant Mission, Sign


Born Himawari Kobayashi on the island of Honshu in 1843, Baba carried the blood of Otodo, an ancient lineage of demon-blooded Hunters. She spent nearly the first 100 years of her extraordinary life pursuing oni, gaki, and yōkai around the Pacific Rim before settling in California’s Central Valley for a quiet life of semi-retirement and raising up a family in the beautiful Salinas Valley.

These plans were disrupted by America’s entry into the Second World War and the Internment. She gave birth to her only child, a daughter named Mei, at the Heart Mountain internment camp in 1943.

After the war, the Kobayashis returned to California only to find they had lost their farm to speculators. Deciding on making a fresh start, they moved to Los Angeles, settling in Little Tokyo (itself in the process of rebuilding after wartime riots leveled most of the buildings in the neighborhood).

After Himawari’s husband died, she moved in with Mei and her husband, a successful lawyer living in Pasadena, and doted on her grandchildren, Amy and Ken, until her death in January, 1990.

Himawari (known universally as “Baba” at the time of her death) had seen in Amy the potential for a new Hunter to come forth from the family’s bloodline. After death, her spirit anchored itself to an ancient Chinese mirror, a family heirloom dating back over 1,000 years. From within the mirror’s polished surface she manifests to provide advice to her fledgling Hunter granddaughter.


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