Dawn Barber

Amy's ghostly friend


Ephemeral Traits: Rank 1, Essence 8, Power 2, Finesse 2, Resistance 3
Ban: May only manifest in mirrors
Bane: Salt
Conditions: Fettered (Aaron Evans)
Numina: Emotional Aura, Sign


Dawn grew up on a farm in Republic County, Kansas. Her beauty guaranteed that she was a big fish in the small pond of the neighboring town of Belleville and its high school, where she headed up the cheerleading squad and graduated valedictorian.

Her good grades and extracurricular achievements could have gotten her into her pick of in-state universities, but she chose instead to use her savings from babysitting to buy a bus ticket to Los Angeles. This was to prove a fatal decision for the poor young ingenue.

Dawn was gunned down in her apartment on the night of March 17th, 1990. The assailant used “dragon fire” rounds, which set fire to her apartment. Her body was found after the fire was extinguished; the subsequent autopsy said she died not of the gunshot wound to her abdomen but of total exsanguination. This detail was not widely-reported. No suspects were arrested.

But this was not to be the end of Dawn’s story, for the passion that surrounded her death and the unsolved nature of her murder caused her spirit to fetter itself to the last creature to see her alive—one Aaron Evans…

Dawn Barber

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