Tag: hunter the vigil


  • Episode Four

    What has become of Aaron Evans, the man Dawn was seeing at the time of her death? The Crypt’s Sons, a street gang made up of vampires and their minions, guard his house in Silverlake and allow no visitors. Reverend Cutler has asked Amy to look into the …

  • Episode Five

    Amy zeroes in on Mistress Black as the next link in her investigation of Dawn's death. But who is behind the wheel of that mysterious car that keeps dogging her every step? (This recording had some issues with background buzz and suffered a loss of …

  • Episode Eight

    An empty bed and an open window. Black cars wend their way through the Pasdena night, lights off. Strands of fate intertwine. Emotions get intense.

    Episode Nine

    Amy has a date to keep with Mr. Fredrick, who has found out some very interesting information indeed about Health Solutions, LLC. Too bad she doesn’t know that her mother is desperately trying to get in touch with her...

  • changeling
  • ghost
  • ghoul
  • hunter
  • hunter the vigil
  • hunter's hunted
  • lupine
  • mortal
  • patterson family
  • shih
  • the blood
  • vampire
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