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  • Baba

    Born Himawari Kobayashi on the island of Honshu in 1843, Baba carried the blood of Otodo, an ancient lineage of demon-blooded Hunters. She spent nearly the first 100 years of her extraordinary life pursuing oni, gaki, and ykai

  • Jim Patterson

    Jim Patterson was born into an upper-middle-class family in Inglewood, California in 1941. His father was a self-made man and set an example to Jim of the virtues of hard work and determination. From his progressive mother he inherited a sense of …

  • Mei Patterson

    Mei Kobayashi was born at the Heart Mountain internment camp in 1943. Her parents re-settled in Los Angeles after the war, in the neighborhood of Little Tokyo. The trauma of the camps, dimly recalled in Mei’s own memory but vividly remembered in …

  • Ken Patterson

    Ken Patterson is the second child of Jim and Mei. He is seven years younger than his big sister Amy and maintains a relationship with her as something of a foil/mentee. He is a typical young teenage American boy at the dawn of the 90s.

    His life …

  • Uncle Kurt

    The younger brother of Jim Patterson, Kurt grew up in his brother’s shadow. Neither as handsome nor as naturally-talented, he did nevertheless share his sibling’s strong will and determination.

    When Jim went off to law school, Kurt …