Tag: vampire


  • Mohammed al-Muthlim

    Mohammed al-Muthlim is the leader of the Crypt's Sons, an all-vampire street gang! Mortal enemy of Reverend Leon Cutler, he also seems to be some sort of vampiric puppet master.

  • Steve Booth

    The nighted piers of Long Beach have long been host to a gaggle of nocturnal surfers, who only take to the waves in the pale moonlight. Their leader is a chill bro named Steve Booth.

  • Karen Anatos

    Karen is host of a midnight movie show on KTLA, _Mistress Black's Midnight Movie Madness_. She is also working on a health and beauty program through her company, Health Solutions, LLC.

  • Mr. Frederick

    Mr. Frederick--the disarmingly harmless name for what is essentially walking, talking mummy-vampire--is in Los Angeles for one reason only: to kill Karen Anatos. To do this, he will make strange bedfellows of mortal Hunters and other unlikely allies. The …

  • Aaron Evans

    Aaron Evans is a vapid, failing soap opera actor who somehow charmed the beautiful Dawn Barber into falling for him--to her eternal peril.

  • Cassondra Cavanaugh

    Cassondra is a vampire without a heart--literally! She is also a manipulator beyond compare, and for a time held Leon Cutler (and, by extension, The Blood) under her sway.

  • The Blount Sisters

    Identical twin sisters, the Blounts live in a crumbling mansion on the very edge of Glendale, hard up against the San Gabriel Mountains. For decades they have been lining their attic with the skulls of their victims--mortal and monstrous alike--and turning …