Tag: vampire


  • Mohammed al-Muthlim

    Mohammed al-Muthlim is the leader of the Crypt’s Sons, an all-vampire street gang! Mortal enemy of Reverend Leon Cutler, he also seems to be some sort of vampiric puppet master.

  • Steve Booth

    The nighted piers of Long Beach have long been host to a gaggle of nocturnal surfers, who only take to the waves in the pale moonlight. Their leader is a chill bro named Steve Booth.

  • Karen Anatos

    Karen is host of a midnight movie show on KTLA, Mistress Black’s Midnight Movie Madness. She is also working on a health and beauty program through her company, Health Solutions, LLC.

  • Mr. Frederick

    Mr. Frederick—the disarmingly harmless name for what is essentially walking, talking mummy-vampire—is in Los Angeles for one reason only: to kill Karen Anatos. To do this, he will make strange bedfellows of mortal Hunters and other unlikely …

  • Aaron Evans

    Aaron Evans is a vapid, failing soap opera actor who somehow charmed the beautiful Dawn Barber into falling for him—to her eternal peril.

  • Cassondra Cavanaugh

    Cassondra is a vampire without a heart—literally! She is also a manipulator beyond compare, and for a time held Leon Cutler (and, by extension, The Blood) under her sway.

  • The Blount Sisters

    Identical twin sisters, the Blounts live in a crumbling mansion on the very edge of Glendale, hard up against the San Gabriel Mountains. For decades they have been lining their attic with the skulls of their victims—mortal and monstrous alike&# …